Exam Life Tips

Hey Everyone!! It’s that magical time of year again where us Canadian high school students (shout it to all my fellow Canadians), write their first semester exams. And if you are like me, exam time = major stressing + lots of time spent studying and practicing all the things you learnt throughout the semester. So whether you have exams now, 3 months from now, or you already had them, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys some Exam Life Tips to help you make it through the craziness of your exam time. I actually did a post last June with some more exam studying tips, that you can see here: https://alittlebitoflife1.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/exam-studying-tips/ , if you want even MORE great tips & tricks. Let’s get started!!

1. Don’t forget to have some ‘Me Time’
This year I have really realized how important it is to still make time for yourself during exam time. Whether it be by catching up on your favourite tv show, reading, playing a sport, just do something that you like to do in order to just relax and de-stress in between cramming information into your brain. This will stop you from becoming to overwhelmed by everything and allow you to concentrate better when you do need to study.

2. Review your notes a couple of hours before bed
The reason why I suggest this, is because it’s while your sleeping that your brain stores stuff in your long term memory. So if you review all your notes and such a couple of hours before bed, your brain will store it in there while your sleeping, and you will actually remember it better in the morning. I have personally tried this in the past for exams and I can personally say it does actually work, so you should definitely try it out.

3. H.I.T Study
My good friend, came up with this idea a couple of days ago when a few of my friends in our little squad, had a lack of motivation to study. And it all boils down to these 7 steps, which I tried today when I just didn’t feel like studying and it really did allow me to get some stuff done:

A – Pray for Concentration 

B – Get a water bottle (preferably with a straw)

C – chew gum

D – set a 1 hr timer

E – dive in for an hour

F – stop once the timer goes off

G – take a break, then start again

It’s as simple as that. 1 hour on studying, with maybe a half and hour break off, then start again.

4. Use and rely on all your resources 
This means that if your teacher has practice tests for all the units, or a practice exam, or has assigned text book questions, or your text book has a self-quiz, USE IT. If you and all your friends all have the same course, start a group chat on your devices so you can text each other for help/ questions about what your studying when you need it. (I have one with my friends and other people in my physics class this semester and it is awesome) Ask teachers, parents, or siblings for help when you need it. If you got it, use it to your advantage.

5. Get your sleep!!
This kinda relates to the second tip, but getting enough rest is crucial when it comes to exams, especially the night before you have to write exam. We all need at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night, so plan your studying schedule around that so your body can get the proper rest it needs so you feel refreshed, awake, alert and ready to dive back into it in the morrning.

6. Work on a Schedule
I mentioned this tip last year when I did exam studying tips, but it really is super important to make a studying schedule to make sure you are ready in time for exams, you study everything, you are organized and you don’t get overwhelmed by all you need to review. I highly recommend doing this, and I know you won’t regret it. Here is a picture of mine from this year to give you an idea of what I’m talking about: 



That’s all for today, folks!! Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments which one of the tips I mentioned was the one you liked the most, which ones you plan on trying (and how they work out for you) as well as any other studying tips you might have for the ever stressful exam time. Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

Most Anticipated Shows of 2016

Hey Everybody! The last time we spoke it was two days into the new year, on my last day of Christmas/A New Year with A Little Bit of Life. As exams are coming up and doing posts for 14 days straight was a little bit of work I decided to take a small break from blogging but, do not fret my followers, because I will not being going back on my New Years’ Resolution to blog more! So, in the spirit of keeping that resolution, I’m doing a quick post for y’all today about all the awesome tv shows that I am anticipating the return of in 2016. So without further ado….

#1: The 100 


If you are not anticipating the return of this awesome, action packed, dramatic, suspenseful, kick-butt, intense show OR you’ve never heard of it before, then you need to get out of that rock your living under and check it out right now!!!!!! It has a little bit of everything for everyone and will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know more!!! And if you want to know more, just watch this season 3 trailer (http://youtu.be/PKUuukxrbrU) , because let’s just say the intenseness speaks for itself.

#2: Reign


This show actually already returned, but I am still anticipating the awesomeness that is going to come the rest of this season. This show is about the teenage life of mary queen of scots, and there is so much drama, and twists and turns, and excitement, that you can’t not fall in love with it. I highly recommend this one if you aren’t already watching it, because it’s pretty great.

#3: Shadowhunters


This show is based off the very popular book series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (who is a great author by the way). There was a movie made in 2013 about the first book, City of Bones, but they didn’t continue with the series because it didn’t do to well, and I believe that this show is an attempt at reviving the shadowhunter phenomenon on screen. I’m not sure how good it is going to be, but I definitely plan on sticking with it for a bit to see where it goes, as I support Cassandra Clare all the way.

#4: Jane The Virgin


This show is hilarious, while also really dramatic/supenseful. It’s also very relatable to real life in some ways and all these things make it a really easy and fun to watch tv show. I enjoy every minute of watching this show, seeing how the characters lives unfold and I am ALWAYS anticipating where it where we going next. It is just so great that you really should just go watch it, and give it a shot. 

That’s it for now folks!! I hope you enjoyed this quick little post and let me know in the comments below what shows YOU are anticipating for this year as I am always on the hunt for a good tv show, and love hearing from you guys’!! Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your week.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

It’s a Beautiful Day 

Hey Everybody!!!! Welcome to the final day, Day 14 of A New Year with a Little Bit of life. It has been a very fast two weeks but also really awesome because I have really enjoyed doing these posts for you guys and I hope you’ve enjoyed them too. On this final day, since I haven’t posted any It’s a Beautiful Day quotes all week, I thought it would be cool to leave you with 10 motivational quotes for the new year!! Let’s get into our last post!!!










That’s the end guys!!! Thanks for joining me the past two weeks in my 14 day series of holiday posts, I love and appreciate you guys and your support so much! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments out of all of these quotes which one was your favourite and out of all the posts I did this past couple weeks which one was your favourite! Thanks for reading and I will see you soon!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life!

How to keep your New Years Resolutions!

Hey Everybody!! Welcome to Day 13 of a New Year with A Little Bit of Life!!! I can hardly believe that these two weeks of non stop holiday posts are almost over with only one day!!! Can you?? I sincerely hope you have been enjoying all of it and I hope you know how grateful I am for your support through views, likes and comments. It truly does make my day! Today, I thought after yesterday’s post about New Years’ Resolutions, I would talk about how to KEEP your new years’ resolutions, as I think we all have trouble keeping the resolutions we make at the beginning of the year. Let’s get started!!

Tip #1: Write it down!!! 

Everything is more official if you write it down someplace. Whether it be in a journal, or notebook, make sure you write down the things you plan/want to accomplish in the new year so that it is official that you have goals for the new year that you want and can accomplish. 

Tip #2: Make it Specific, achievable, and Within a Time frame

When it comes to simply figuring out what you want your resolutions to be, first off make sure it is something specific. For Example: NOT – I’m going to lose some weight but instead – I’m going to lose 10 lbs. This is specific because you are saying the exact amount you want to lose not just some. Instead focusing on a certain amount you could even say how you will lose that weight. 

Also make sure it is achievable. Don’t set a goal like “I’m going to read 100 books this year”, when you know you struggle to really get into books and are a very busy person and probably won’t be able to read 100 books. You will just be more disappointed if you don’t accomplish it during the year. Make it realistic to you and your life. 

Finally, set it within a specific frame of time. If you don’t do this, and you leave your goal open to the whole year, you are more likely to push it aside because you think you have tones of time to do it. But then you’ll just keep pushing it and will never really be motivated to get it done. Or you’ll end up forgetting it because a year is a long time. By setting it within a time frame, it motivates you to actually do it because you know you need to get it done by a certain time and can plan  to make sure you get it done in time.

Tip #3: Put it somewhere where you will remember

Remember how I talked about writing it down to make it official? Well now in order to remind yourself of your goal, you should put your new years’ resolution somewhere where you will remember. Whether that’s writing it down in a sticky note and putting it on your mirror so you see it every morning, putting it as your wallpaper on your devices, writing it on your locker door, put it somewhere where you will see it often and remember what you planned to do at the beginning of the year, and will be prompted to make sure it happens.

That’s it for now folks! Thanks for reading and good luck with your new years resolutions!! Let me know if you use any of these tips or if you have any tips of your own to make sure your resolutions come true because I would love to hear them in the comments below! Thanks again and I will talk to y’all again tomorrow!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 

My New Years’ Resolutions 

Hey Everybody and Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a lovely New Years’ Eve and are ready for Day 12 of A New Year with A Little Bit Of Life! Today, I thought I would share with you guys’ My New Years’ Resolutions or Goals for 2016. We all seem to make goals with the good intention of wanting to see them come to life and sometimes it doesn’t always happen but today I am going to try to set some good goals, that with the right motivation, I can accomplish this year! And Maybe, my resolutions will help you inspire you or give you some ideas to make some goals of your own for the new year. So without further ado…
Resolution #1: get a job

I have been looking for a job for a bit now, ever since I turned 16 this past October and could start working, without much success. I have applied to a lot of places online, because school and homework and studying after school has made going out, and applying in person during the week and some weekends a struggle. But In 2016 it is my hope to get a solid job, SOMEWHERE, in order to make some money and get some work experience. 
Resolution #2: Get My G1 and G2 License

This is another thing I have been looking to do since I turned 16 last October but have not gotten around to this year mainly because my mom will not let me drive her car until I have a certain amount of money in my bank account to be able to pay the insurance deduction if I were to get into a accident. So as you can tell, this is sorta dependant on me getting a job. So once I complete that goal, I WILL be a G1 driver, and then 8 months later, I WILL be a G2 driver. 
Resolution #3: Do Frequent Posts on This Blog!

As you guys know, before these past 12 days of A Little Bit of Life posts, it had been AWHILE since I had posted anything at all. As much as I disliked doing that, school and other things were my priorities and left me very little time to do posts, which do take a little bit of work, although this is something that I really enjoy doing. I love having this blog, seeing your responses, and reading your comments. (they litterally make my day, I get so excited when I see you’ve commented something) So I really want to make a point this year to post more frequently and bring you guys weekly posts so we can keep this awesome thing we have going.
Those were all of my resolutions for this year!! Let me know in the comments what your new years’ resolutions are so we can keep each other accountable as we enter the New Year!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!! Only 2 Days left!!!
Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.