How to keep your New Years Resolutions!

Hey Everybody!! Welcome to Day 13 of a New Year with A Little Bit of Life!!! I can hardly believe that these two weeks of non stop holiday posts are almost over with only one day!!! Can you?? I sincerely hope you have been enjoying all of it and I hope you know how grateful I am for your support through views, likes and comments. It truly does make my day! Today, I thought after yesterday’s post about New Years’ Resolutions, I would talk about how to KEEP your new years’ resolutions, as I think we all have trouble keeping the resolutions we make at the beginning of the year. Let’s get started!!

Tip #1: Write it down!!! 

Everything is more official if you write it down someplace. Whether it be in a journal, or notebook, make sure you write down the things you plan/want to accomplish in the new year so that it is official that you have goals for the new year that you want and can accomplish. 

Tip #2: Make it Specific, achievable, and Within a Time frame

When it comes to simply figuring out what you want your resolutions to be, first off make sure it is something specific. For Example: NOT – I’m going to lose some weight but instead – I’m going to lose 10 lbs. This is specific because you are saying the exact amount you want to lose not just some. Instead focusing on a certain amount you could even say how you will lose that weight. 

Also make sure it is achievable. Don’t set a goal like “I’m going to read 100 books this year”, when you know you struggle to really get into books and are a very busy person and probably won’t be able to read 100 books. You will just be more disappointed if you don’t accomplish it during the year. Make it realistic to you and your life. 

Finally, set it within a specific frame of time. If you don’t do this, and you leave your goal open to the whole year, you are more likely to push it aside because you think you have tones of time to do it. But then you’ll just keep pushing it and will never really be motivated to get it done. Or you’ll end up forgetting it because a year is a long time. By setting it within a time frame, it motivates you to actually do it because you know you need to get it done by a certain time and can plan  to make sure you get it done in time.

Tip #3: Put it somewhere where you will remember

Remember how I talked about writing it down to make it official? Well now in order to remind yourself of your goal, you should put your new years’ resolution somewhere where you will remember. Whether that’s writing it down in a sticky note and putting it on your mirror so you see it every morning, putting it as your wallpaper on your devices, writing it on your locker door, put it somewhere where you will see it often and remember what you planned to do at the beginning of the year, and will be prompted to make sure it happens.

That’s it for now folks! Thanks for reading and good luck with your new years resolutions!! Let me know if you use any of these tips or if you have any tips of your own to make sure your resolutions come true because I would love to hear them in the comments below! Thanks again and I will talk to y’all again tomorrow!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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