Hey Everybody! If you are a follower or viewer of this blog, change is a coming. Today I have some very serious announcements and news for you guys, especially if you are a fan of my “book life” posts. I have two main annoucements to make (one small and one big) so I am going to just jump right in cause I am super excited to fill y’all in!!!


The first smaller bit of news that I have today for you is that……….. A Little Bit of Life  is now on Facebook!!! YAYAYAAY! This is very exciting for me as I have been considering doing this for awhile and I finally did!!! If you look in the sidebar you will actually see a facebook like button where you can directly like this blog’s page so do that right now, please and thank you ▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️


You can click this link right here that will take you right to the page so you can like it.

On this page I will be posting links to my posts that I post during the week, updates about the blog and things going on in my life, questions/polls that I have for you guys for possible Q&A’s and other future posts and SO much more. So i highly recommend liking the facebook if you wanna stay in the loop de loop.


This is my VERY big piece of news and I kinda have to explain it first. So basically for awhile now I have noticed in my stats that my most viewed, liked, commented on, and most popular posts have been my book life or book related reviews and challenges. These posts are also my favourite to do because I love books, reading and just doing reviews and discussing them on here with you guys. 

All that being said, I have decided in order to distinguish the book part of this blog more, to make a seperate book blog solely book reviews, challenges etc. This means that, from now kn there will be no more book life posts on this blog. All my book reviews, challenges etc wil be on my new blog My Book Life which I litterally just created this morning. 

So whether you follow this blog for my book stuff or just really enjoy my book related posts, in order to continue receiving these posts and updates of them, you will need to go follow me at where all my reviews, challenges and book-ish posts will be posted from now on. This blog is still going to be up and running, but it will only be my life, faith, fashion&beauty and random life posts. 

Thank you for your guys’ support! I’m super excited to see how this goes now that I have another book blog and a facebook page! Make sure to go follow me on my book blog here where I already have some posts ready to go and to go like our facebook page in the sidebar for some cool stuff as well. Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life!

2015 BookTube-a-Thon Uodate Chapter 6: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS

Hey Guys! Guess what??? TODAYS THE LAST DAY OR BOOKTUBE-A-THON. And guess what??? I AM DONE ALL THE BOOKS AND CHALLENGES!!!!! Yay!!! Yesterday I had no wifi but, I completed the 6th challenge which was to read a book you really want to read. For me that was Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen.

 This book was really good. I enjoyed the story, the characters, all the relationships between characters, the characters themsleves, (I LOVED Layla) So overall, i’m happy I read this and proud to say I am now a reader of books by Sarah Dessen and I like her writing. 

The other book, the final book, the seventh book I read today making a total of 7 books in 7 sevens, was the body electric by Beth Revis.


This book was a sci-fi, romance, contemporary novel that was really well done and written. I throughly enjoyed this it was really interesting to read and get into the futuristic world of cyborgs and androids. This is probably up there with one of my fave books from the week alongside Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan. 

I can hardly believe it’s over! It just went by sooooo fast and there was sooo many books, but at the end of the day, I’m glad I did it and it was fun. I also HIGHLY enjoyed doing it with you guys, and getting your guys’ comments and support: y’all are amazing. I hope you guys enjoyed it too and were able to complete all the challenges and books on your TBR today or by 12 tonight. Remember to give yourselves a pat on the back because you deserve it! Look at all the books we read! Until next year my friends, keep reading!

Thanks for reading!! I hope your booktube-a-thons were great and lemme know your final thoughs/results/stats in th comments below. How did you do? Did you read all the books you wanted to read? For those of you still reading, YOU CAN DO IT! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


2015 BookTube-a-thon Update Chapter 5: Expectation preceeds AWESOME experiences

Hey my lovelies! First off I just want to say THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH because A little Bit of Life  has reached 90 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all are amazing, I love you, and thank you for your support of me and this blog!!! It means alot. 

Now, on to my booktube-a-thon update… I can’t belive 5 days have already past and booktube-a-thon is almost over!! It has been tons of fun and I have loved getting your guys’ comments and updates on the books you guys have been reading!! Today, I completed the challenge which was finish a book without letting go of it. The book I chose for this was Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen. For the most part, I read a good chunk of it without letting go of it but not the whole time. I kind of forgot that that was today’s challenge for this book…. Oh well. Anyways, I was quite happy with my first Sarah Dessen book. 

What I liked about it this book is that Eli and Auden were cute and their adventures were awesome, but that wasn’t this book was for. The whole metaphor with the books and going along for the ride and getting back on the bike no matter how many times you fall was and I ADORED that. It was a nice change from other young adult books I’ve read. Their relationship was just to enhance this message, make it relatable and a little more interesting and it was SUPER WELL done. I am proud to say I am a lover of Sarah Dessen now and I am excited to read tommorow’s read, also by Sarah Dessen, called Saint Anything. 

And as a sidenote, if you have read this book and know what I’m talking about, did you despise Auden’s father as much as I did? He was SUCH an idiot, and I wanted to slap him SO badly. If you agree with me, lemme know in the comments below please and if you have read Along for the ride before lemme know if you liked it as well in the comments too. 

Thanks for reading! Ther are only 2 more days you guys, we must persevere and push through! Lemme know what you have read and accomplished today and this far in the comments below because I love hearing about your booktube-a-thon reads. You can do it!!! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

2015 BookTube-A-Thon Update Chapter 4: Goodness

Hey Everyone! It is day 4 of booktube-a-thon ALREADY, (how the time flies) and it is has been gooooooood. I hope wherever you are and however far you are on your TBR yours it is going just as well and you are having fun doing it! I finished another book for today’s challenge which was to read the last book you acquired, which is the fourth challenge, and for this I read P.S I still Love You by Jenny Han. This book was really quick and easy to read! I was worried Fangirl, which I read yesterday and you can find out more about by clicking here to see that update, might set me back because it was longer but gladly it did not!

This book was not bad.. I think I may have liked the first one better. There were alot of lol and super cute moments thst I really enjoyed reading about from her perspective. Although I found Lara Jean and Peter a smidge annoying about things at times. However, the ending was really good and I am happy that they (the characters) are happy.

So far I would have to say out of all the books I’ve read Daughter Of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan is still my favourite because it just slays all these others books completely. If you wanna check out the update where I talked about that book just click here. I will be getting a head start on tomorow’s book tonight which is Along For the Ride by Sarah dessen. I am super excited to read this because it is my FIRST Sarah Dessen book. I won’t be doing the video challenge cause I’m lazy and don’t feel like it but if you would like the chance to win a copy of the lovely and super good Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I would click here: to check out the video that gives out all the deets.

Thanks for reading! I hope your weeks are going great and just keep going guys! Keep reading!! It’s almost over! Lemme know what you read and/or accomplished today or so far this week in the comments below because I love seeing what you guys have been reading for the read-a-thon. Also lemme know if you have read any Sarah Dessen books before and whether you liked them or not in the comments as I am reading my first Sarah Dessen book tomorrow! 3 MORE DAYS! Happy BookTube-A-Thoning!!! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

2015 Booktube-A-Thon Update Chapter 3: Working It

Hello Peeps!! Booktube-a-thon is pretty well half way done and I am proud to say I am working it like a pro if i do say so myself! I hope if you have been participating the last couple of days that you have been doing just as well! If I can do, I know that you can all do it, (and ARE doing) just as well!! Today, I decided to do the video challenge hosted by A Little Book Owl, and you can click here to check out the video and all those deets. But essentially the challenge was to build a cool tower out of books!!! So i took ALL the books out of my shelf and made this lovely thing: 

This picture is a little fuzzy but i basically made an eiffel tower inspired book tower and I am quite proud of how it turned out! Really hoping to win this one!

Anyways, for my book update I managed to finished today’s challenge, or the 3rd challenge which was to basically read someone else’s favourite book. For this I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

This book was alot better than I thought it would be. I was really hesitant to read it which is why I am just reading it now but it was actually quite good! It was really fun and relatable in a lot of ways to read. Cath and Levi were super cute and I loved their whole relationship and how Cath grew thoughout the book. Without going into too many spoilers, there were some things I thought it was lacking but I still highly enjoyed it. 

Tonight, I plan on getting a head start on my next read which is P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han. I’m really looking forward to reading this as I just finished To All The Boys I’ve Loved before which is the first book in this duology. You can check out my review for To All The Boys I’ve Loved before here. Also, if you wanna see my TBR of the rest of the books I am planning to read this week you can click Here.

Thanks for reading! I wish you guys an infinite amount of luck in your booktube-a-thoning adventures!!! Lemme know what you have been reading today and what you’ve accomplished in the comments below, cause I’d love to hear how your weeks are going! Keep pushing we are already HALF WAY there!!! You can do it! Godspeed! Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

2015 BookTube-a-thon Update Chapter 2: Disappointment and High Dislike

Hey lovelies! Day 2 of booktube-a-thon has come and gone so quickly and it has been nuts but I have succcessfully finished another book! As I am doing the challenges in order Today I did the second challnge was was read a book whose author’s last name has the same first letter as your last name and that was Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger


Simply put: I didn’t like this book. I was really disappointed because I expected it to be better but it was actually really bad. I did not like the main character, Sonny, who was super annoying, although I sympatized with her in the end. Between Daughter of Deep Silence which I read yesterday and was super great and this, I would choose Daughter Of Deep Silence. Later tonight I will be starting my next book which is fangirl by rainbow rowell. Hopefully it will be good amd easier to get throught than today’s book.

Thanks for reading!! I hope your booktube-a-thon reading has been going well and lemme know what you accomplished today in the comments below and whether you have been liking what you read thus far! 5 days left, people! LETS DO IT! Thanks again! 

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

2015 Booktube-a-thon Update Chapter 1: KICKING BUTT

Hello fellow readers! Booktube-a-thon has begun!!! And my first day has been awesome! As you know if you read by Booktube-a-thon TBR (which i’ll link here) , I am reading the challenges in order so today I started, (and litterally JUST finished) my book with blue on the cover which was Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan.

This book was no joke, SUPER DUPER good like the whole plot and story is just so intruguing and interesting and you are hanging onto the edge of every word of every minute. i am SOOOOOO glad I read this book and made it apart of my TBR. I plan on starting my 2nd challenge book, Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger litterally ASAP so I can get ahead. I am confident with this edge I will finish all the books on my TBR, WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! 

Today’s video challenge was a book domino video thingy that I may do later but I won’t be entering it into the contest because The prize is a graphic novel and I am not really graphic novel fan. But if you are interested in participating you can check out the video with all the deets here and also to enter.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone participating in the booktube a thon today is doing well and having fun and lemme know what you have accomplished today in the comments below! I’d love to hear it! Only 6 more days!!! WE CAN DO THIS! Thanks again!

Hope youenjoyed this little bit of life.