February Favourites 2016

Hey Everybody! I hope your weekends and weeks have been so great, since I last posted. As you can maybe tell, I’m starting to develop a little bit of a new writing/posting schedule which will hopefully continue and grow as time goes on. But, for now, I thought I would tell you guys a few of my favourites things from the past month as it has been a WHILE since I last did a monthly favourites. Some of this stuff I have been loving for the past month, few months, or maybe year! Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

#1: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream
This is not the first time that I have mentioned this amazing hand cream to you guys and it will probably not be the last!!! This hand cream is just so great, and it works SO well. You only need to use a little bit at a time and your hands feel moisturized really quickly. I have been using this for a while, and highly recommend it to you guys.

#2: Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Gel


I have been using this spot gel in replacement of my usual clean & clear stuff lately, and it works pretty well. I put it on every night before bed after washing and moisturizing my face, and I do notice a big difference in the morning when I wake up. I think I like the clean & clear stuff a little better still, but this stuff is a good substitute if you can’t find the other stuff.

#3: Pandora Purple Leather Charm Bracelet


I got this bracelet for Christmas this year, (as you would have seen if you read my christmas gifts haul) and I absolutely love it. It is super pretty and goes with a lot of different outfits, so I wear it pretty often. I’d love to eventually get more charms for it as time goes on, but for now I am really loving it!!

#4: Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin & Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist

These two scents/body mists have been my two favourites over the winter/fall season. They both smell absolutely divine!! They are nice, sweet, light but not so light you can’t smell it on you and are great for the everyday at school. The Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scent (on right, orange) reminds me the most of fall, but it is good for winter too. Warm Vanilla Sugar is a year round one as well, that is a perfect vanilla-y, classic scent.

#5: American Apparel Grey Knee High Socks


I just bought these socks on a trip downtown with a couple of friends to rideau centre (a hug mall where I live) and am absolutely in love with them. The materials is so soft and feels really nice on your skin. These socks go past the knee on me and they are SO COMFY and I love them alot. I wear them around the house alot and they are perfect for this time of year when it’s snowy outside. I also have another pair of white knee high socks from forever 21 that I mentioned in a previous post about go to cozy winter clothing , that I have still been loving. They are both super great!!

That’s all for now folks!!! Thanks for reading, & let me know in the comments what you have been loving this past month or for the past 8 months in the comments below!!! I’m always looking for new favourites and I love reading your guys’ comments!!

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

December Favourites 

Hey guys! Welcome to day 11 of Christmas + New Years with A Little bit of Life!!!! I can hardly believe he are almost done! Only 3 days left! What can I say, time flies when you are having fun, and I extremely hope you guys’ have been enjoying the series of posts I’ve done over the past (almost) two weeks now!! Don’t forget to go back and check out the last 10 posts if you’ve missed them up until now!! Considering how it is new years eve’ and that last day of december, and 2015, I thought I would end the month with my favourites from the past month!! Let’s do it!!

Peter Pauper Press Versailles Journal


I received this journal for my birthday in october and because I never got to show it to you guys, I thought I would put it in my December favourites. I ADORE this journal. The design and feel of the hard cover is beautiful and so alike a seventeenth-century book, it’s awesome. When you open it the pages are very wide as well, with plenty of room for writing which is also very awesome. Simply put: I love this and I love writing in it. It makes me feel very classy.

Yves Rocher Limited Edition Pear Caramel Candle

This was another birthday gift, but I have been loving it this month alot because the scent is a very wintery one. It smells sweet with a little twinge of something extra that is kinda hard to describe, so you will just have to go smell it yourself. I have already lit it a couple of times this break and it has been just perfect to have around. I highly recommend this one! 

Glo-Away Glow-in-the-Dark Gel/ My Ceiling

This was a gift I receives from my secret santa this month after being in a friend of ours’ room and seeing that she had glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. When i saw them, I absolutely loved it and when my secret santa saw this I guess that is when she decided to buy it for me! I am so glad she did because I spend at least 10 minutes every night now just staring at the lovely stars I have on my ceiling. Definitely one of my number one favourites from this month, and I highly recommend you try it on your ceiling too!  

Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

I bought this last month with a gift card for my hair when it is straight, and I go a couple of days without washing it. And it is works SO WELL. It smells nice, and leaves your hair feeling light, and refreshed! It really does make your hair cleaner, less oily than it was before, and adds a nice amount of volume to your hair. I have friends that I recommended this too, and they tried it and loved it as well!!! So if you are looking for a dry shampoo…… This one is definitely worth a try. 

Winter by Marissa Meyer

I thought I would throw a book I read and liked this month in here just for fun and old times sake. Winter by Marissa Meyer is the 4th and final instalment of the Lunar Chronicles and I enjoyed the ending we were left with so much. The modern twists on classical fairytale stories are awesome, along with all the awesome, easy to love characters, and super fun and intriguing plot. This series is definitely worth a read if you need some to read! And if yo wand more book recommendation, or just like reading book reviews, tags and other bookish posts don’t forget to check out my book blog, My Book Life, where I have done a couple of posts so far this week.

That’s everything for this month! Let me know in the comments below what some of your favourite items were from this month, because I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

What I Got For Christmas Haul!!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to Day 7 of Christmas (and New Years’ now, I guess) with A Little Bit of Life! I hope y’all all had fabulous christmas’ with your family and friends and had lots of fun! My Christmas was pretty good as well and as I got some pretty cool things for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to just quickly share with you guys’, in a haul, what I got for Christmas! This isn’t meant to be braggy or boastful, I just wanted to quickly share with you all the things I received (like in any other haul) because I know I like seeing what others’ got for Christmas and I thought y’all might be interested in seeing what I got as well. So! Without further ado.. Let’s get started!!


 Starting from left to right..
2 pairs of George Pajama Bottoms (1 pink plaid as shown in picture, and 1 gray with white hearts) – they are really soft and cozy!! Plus they have cuffs at the bottom which is my favourite kind of pj’s.

Pink Eco Bottle Water Bottle

Grey and Green Faux Leather Passport Holder

McSteven’s Belgian White Chocolate Drink Mix – I love white hot chocolate and cannot wait it try this because it looks really good!

Bed Head Groupie 13″ Ceramic Straightener – my mom got this for me at Rexall (which is a canadian drug store) for like $5! I love how small it is and it’s perfect for touch ups or curling your hair with a flat iron (which I do) so I can’t wait to try this!

Hudson Bay Canada Red Mittens – every year they come out with a new pair and I love them! They keep your hands nice and warm in the winter! #GoCanadaGo

O’keefe’s Working Hands Hand Cream – this stuff is the best! It’s perfect for if you have really dry hands because it works really well! I highly reccommend it!


From left to right..

Traditional Purse from Turkey – my aunt brought this back from her trip to turkey for me and I absolutely love it! I will be taking good care of this one.
Lindt White Chocolate – lindor chocolates are the best and because white chocolate is my favourite, you know these will be really good

Nicole by O.P.I 2 Pack Double Color (Fabulous is my middle name – left one & Fisher Queen – right one)

$40 Spending Money – thank you Grandpa!

Pandora Dark Purple Leather Charm Bracelet – this was actually a belated 16th birthday gift since I was sick the day after my birthday. I like it alot!

Rice Krispies Treats Blasted with S’mores 

Purple and Grey sparkly Knitted Scarf

Aroma Click & Heat Cozy Ears Adjustable earmuffs with 2 click and heat gel packs – they’re basically hand warms for your ears that you put in really cute earmuffs. These are perfect for the cold weather we are about to get in Canada, and they are adorable!

Design your own Real Ugly Socks by Soxland – definitely going to use these next christmas!

Lindt Assorted Chocolates + plastic baggy of lindt milk chocolates – can never have enough of these!

Ellen Tracy lip gloss trio

That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed this post and all the other christmassy ones I have done the past week . Let me know in the comments what some of the things you got for christmas were because I love hearing from you guys! Stay for more posts tomorrow and the rest of this upcoming week!! Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed tis little bit of life.

Go to Cozy Clothing For Winter

Hey Everybody!! Today is now Day 6 of Christmas with A Little Bit of Life, and it is hard to believe how fast this past week has gone!! I hope you all had a very nice christmas! I can’t believe that is over now as well. Where has all the time gone? Anyways, today I wanted to share with you guys some of my 4 favourite Winter clothing items that I have been enjoying so far this season. They are all very cozy and warm which is how I like my winter clothes! Let’s get started!

Chinese Laundry Black Leggings w/ Leopard Print


These lovely things are actually more of a mix of leggings and stockings and they are so nice and warm. On days when I’m just hanging out at home these are one of those go to items that I wear to get comfy. One of the reasons why they are so comfy is because They fit perfectly – they are not too tight, and cause I find the subtle leopard print cute.🐯

Garage Plaid Button Up Flannel

This flannel is the bomb.com. It is a very nice mix of blues and reds and is perfect for those really cold days cause it keeps you nice and toasty because it is made out of a quite thick, flannel material. What I like about it also is it works with jeans, leggings, fully buttoned, half buttoned, left open – and it will still be the coziest thing you will wear.

Forever 21 Cable Knit Knee High Socks

This socks, although not really good for wearing alone outside, are absolutely perfect for getting comfy inside with some pajama shorts. They keep your legs nice and warm , kinda like mittens. This is saying alot since I’m usually not a huge fan of socks…. But with these I have to make an exception because they’re awesome.

H&M Sparkly Long Sleeve

This long sleeve is very festive for the holidays, which makes it perfect for family get togethers and parties in the new year!! What makes it even better is that the inside is made of this fuzzy, sweatshirt – like material, that makes it warm and cozy while making you look sophisticated and party ready with all the sparkles.

That’s all folks!! I hope you enjoyed this post and have been enjoying all the ones I have done so far the past week. Let me know in the comments what some of your favourite winter clothing items are this season, or which ones are your favourite from the ones I listed above!! Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys’ again tomorrow!!

Hope you enjoyed this Little Bit of Life.

Back To School Morning Routine

Hey Everybody!!! I hope your weeks have been going great whether you are back to school yet or not! Personally, I go back to school this upcoming Tuesday after Labour Day and (sigh) I am as ready as I’ll ever be to go back into that madness. So I thought with school coming up I would share with y’all what I do on school mornings to get ready and get myself out the door on time! I hope y’all enjoy this! So let’s do this!


First, I get up at like 7:00 Am, which is usually a struggle. Especially since I’ve been getting up at like 9-10AM all summer. After which, I will make my bed, do some form of devos/prayer, wash my face, put on a few moisturizers and some lip balm!! Then until like 7:30 I will usually read a book, then procrastinate past 7:30 reading because my book is so good. Speaking of books and reading, if you like that stuff, you should check out my new book blog, My Book Life, for reviews and other book related posts!!


After my procastination, I will finally put the book away and rush to get dressed. This usually involves me standing in front of my closet, frustrated, because I have no idea what to wear. But eventually, I’ll throw some things together and find something to wear. With that done, I will lightly accessorize and find something to do with my joyous head of hair.


Once I look presentable, i’ll grab my bag and bring it downstairs. Downstairs, i’ll pack up my bag with my lunch bag and water bottle. Then, I’ll eat some breakfeast which usually consists of something quick and simple to make so I can get out the door on time after my reading procastination. Finally, I’ll down some vitamins and quickly head back upstairs.


Upstairs, I will hurriedly brush my teeth and ass the finally touches to  my outfit. I’ll quickly check to make sure I have everything I need before running back downstairs, putting on my shoes, and walking out the door to school. Yes, I walk to school. Thankfully, it’s only a quick 10 minute walk, maybe 15 in the winter and I’m there!

That’s my Back to school morning routine! Lemme know in the comments below when your’e going back to school and what some of your routine is because I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

August Favourites 2015

Hello Everybody!!! It’s Friday, which is awesome and I hope your weeks have been good! There are only like 4 days left in August and and I realized I still hadn’t done a monthly favourites post for this month (or last month. Sorry) So today I thought I would talk about some of my favourites from the past month and maybe a bit from July. I can’t even believe it’s almost September and school’s starting soon (depending on where you are) so let’s celebrate this summer with a reflection on some of my favourites! I also did a music favourites post yesterday which you can click here to check out if you want. Let’s get started!

Favourite Book: Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements #3)


This book is just so great. I read it in late July and it just gives me all the feels all the time. I am Team Roth forever and Team Jennifer L. Armentrout forever as well. All her books are just so fun and easy to read and I love them so you need to jump on that bus and check’em out! I have an The Aftermath book review for this book posted on my new book blog My Book Life which you can find here. I also have reviews for the second and third books where I explain what it’s all about and you can check those out by clicking here for the first one, and here for the second.

Favourite Electronic Device: My Canon PowerShot A1400 Hd Camera


I have been using this camera close to all summer long to take pictures and it is fabulous. It takes great photos and it’s really easy to transport and carry around with me. I used it take all my pictures from my Kingston Trip post you can go see here

My Favourite Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Sanitizer


I got this little hand sanitizer from one of my favourite places Bath and Body Works and It smells divine!! The scent is very sweet and refreshing and I have been loving it alot during these hot summer months. It’s perfect for the summer!! 

Favourite Back 2 School Item: Jeans


As I mentioned in my back to school haul which you can see here,  I got these jeans while I was in Kingston for a super duper good price, which I was really happy about. I really wanted to get a good quality pair of jeans for school and that’s exactly what I got here but for a low price! I have actually wearing them around the house lately and they’re super comfy and nice which is why they’re my favourite!

Favourite Bible Verse: Deuteronomy 31:6

“So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” 

I read this verse a couple of weeks ago during a fast I did with a couple of friends and he jus really stood out to me. I really like it because it’s God telling Joshua to be strong and courageous and not fear and panic in the faces of the problems ahead of him because God has already gone ahead and destroyed all things that might try to hurt him or come against him. He’s telling him that no matter what, he’ll never fail or abandom him he’ll be right by  Joshua’s side the whole way. This is a verse that really applied to my life and my situation and that’s why it’s my favouriteverse from this month that I thought I’d share with you.

Thanks for reading folks!! Lemme know in the comments below what some if your favourite things/items are from this past month, because I love hearing from you guys and things that you like! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

Hauling My Back 2 School Clothing!!!!

Hey guys! I hope you all had great weekends and your week has been swell thus far. So this past weekend I was in Kingston and we spent alot of time shopping and just exploring. In the midst of all our shoppping adventures at various malls, outlets etc. I got some super cute clothes and things that I thought I would share with you guys in this post. It’s not alot, but it was some essential stuff that I am super happy I got! Let’s get into it!



Because I live in Canada, quality Jeans are a really essential item to have in your closet for winter especially. While I was in Kingston, I picked up these two pairs of Jeans from Smart Set for $15 each with all the sales they had going on. Originally they were $50 which is a standard price for GOOD jeans but getting them for 15$ was such a score and I am super happy about them. I got them in two washes: dark blue and light blue with a few tears to give me some variety. 

Fitness Shorts


As I am taking Fitness this year, I obviously neede a good pair of workout shorts to wear for the class. These ones were on sale at an Adidas Outlet store in Kingston (30%off) and they are super nice and work perfectly for how I want to use them. (they even match my black adidas sandals too)



It’s always nice to get some new tops to kinda spice up your closet/outfit options for back to school and I got this one top here from H&M for 50% off (only 10 bucks) and it find it super cute. I love the emboidery on the top of the sleeves and by the neckline. It is also something I can easily wear throughout the entire year so I am excited to wear it. (Maybe with one of my new jeans?)

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That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and lemme know what your favourite item was from all the things I bought and what some of your essential clothing items for back to school are in the comments below!!! Do not hesitate; I would love to hear from you guys! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.