My First Semester Exams Experience

Hey Everybody! Long time no see! I have been very busy (and lazy) these past few weeks so I apologize for the lack of postage. This has mainly been due to exams and all the studying and work I had to do associated with that the past month. So I figured as I hadn’t done a life post in awhile, it would be cool to update you guys on my life and tell you all about the craziness that has ensued this past little while. 

So, this past semester I had 3 exams: french, physics and chemistry. And as soon as christmas break was over, I immediately creating my exam studying schedule (as you would know if you read my exam life tips post, which you can check out here). The exam that I was most stressed out about was physics. This was because physics, in case you have never taken it before, is VERY difficult and hard to wrap your head around (at least for me it was). This was also because the exam was worth 25% of my final mark. So the stress was real. On top of that having chemistry and french, wasn’t too bad. Chemistry had been my strong suit all year, as I understand that very well and french is a very simple exam that you can’t really study for so they weren’t as much of a concern but still figured quite a bit of my time and energy. 

My first exam was french. As I said before the french exam is something you can’t really study for, so I spent a large amount of time that night just watching french news from france which by the way, is very hard to understand at times. And there was alot more going on in France than I thought there would be. Going into the exam I felt confident. We had two videos to listen to, then answer questions about and the first one was quite hard to understand but the second one was alot easier. Overall, it took me like an hour and a half and I left the class quietly, then with the door firmly shut behind me shouted “WOO HOO IM DONE”. Which was quite embarrassing looking back at it considering there was other people in the hall and other classes doing exams. 😬

My second exam was (sigh) physics. I went home and immediately started studying for this, going over all my keynote presentations that I had made throughout the year with all my notes on it for each unit. I even did a practice exam my teacher had posted on the website. I compared my answers with my friends and had got pretty well all the same answers as them, so I felt sorta confident, but I was hesitant to be confident because this is physics, and you never really know. But after this, i did my little cheat sheet he allowed us to have for our exam and went to bed. The next day, I walked into the class, sat down, saw everyone with their ipads on the ti nspire app (my school uses ipads in all our classes), looked down at my ipad-less desk, then litterally shouted in the middle of the class with my classmates all around me “OH MY GOSH. I FORGOT MY IPAD” At this point everyone was staring at me, some with dropped jaws, and me, about to have a full blown panic attack because I can’t do this without my ipad. Thankfully the teacher who was in the class with us told me not to worry because she had brought a calculator 🙏🏼🙌🏼. So i did the exam, and left feeling pretty good, and this time silently got down on my knees and raised my arms triumphantly to the air silently saying, YES YES YES IM DONE, after leaving the class. 

My final exam was chemistry and as It was my last I had zero motivation to do any studying or work anymore. So, I did not do much studying the night before chemistry and just kinda reviewed everything once before heading to bed. Before heading out the door the next morning, I double checked I had my iPad (as I needed my calculator app again) and walked to school. Despite my lack of motivation to study, it was pretty good and I felt pretty confident at the end of the 2 hour exam time. I ended up actually getting my physics exam mark from my teacher after the Chem exam, and didn’t do as well as I thought. I was kinda disappointed but what can you do? At the end of the day I was just glad to be done.

After exams there was a lot of junk food eating, relaxing, sleeping and a whole lot of doing nothing. I have functions (math), world religions (in french as I am in french immersion), biology, and grade 12 french which means FOUR exams this term which I am super excited about and will definitely write about when the time comes. 

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy ( I apologize) post and I hope your February/ new semester has been good wherever you are! Let me know in the comments below if you have any funny exam stories and please share because I’d love to hear about them and your experiences with exams! Thanks for reading!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

How to keep your New Years Resolutions!

Hey Everybody!! Welcome to Day 13 of a New Year with A Little Bit of Life!!! I can hardly believe that these two weeks of non stop holiday posts are almost over with only one day!!! Can you?? I sincerely hope you have been enjoying all of it and I hope you know how grateful I am for your support through views, likes and comments. It truly does make my day! Today, I thought after yesterday’s post about New Years’ Resolutions, I would talk about how to KEEP your new years’ resolutions, as I think we all have trouble keeping the resolutions we make at the beginning of the year. Let’s get started!!

Tip #1: Write it down!!! 

Everything is more official if you write it down someplace. Whether it be in a journal, or notebook, make sure you write down the things you plan/want to accomplish in the new year so that it is official that you have goals for the new year that you want and can accomplish. 

Tip #2: Make it Specific, achievable, and Within a Time frame

When it comes to simply figuring out what you want your resolutions to be, first off make sure it is something specific. For Example: NOT – I’m going to lose some weight but instead – I’m going to lose 10 lbs. This is specific because you are saying the exact amount you want to lose not just some. Instead focusing on a certain amount you could even say how you will lose that weight. 

Also make sure it is achievable. Don’t set a goal like “I’m going to read 100 books this year”, when you know you struggle to really get into books and are a very busy person and probably won’t be able to read 100 books. You will just be more disappointed if you don’t accomplish it during the year. Make it realistic to you and your life. 

Finally, set it within a specific frame of time. If you don’t do this, and you leave your goal open to the whole year, you are more likely to push it aside because you think you have tones of time to do it. But then you’ll just keep pushing it and will never really be motivated to get it done. Or you’ll end up forgetting it because a year is a long time. By setting it within a time frame, it motivates you to actually do it because you know you need to get it done by a certain time and can plan  to make sure you get it done in time.

Tip #3: Put it somewhere where you will remember

Remember how I talked about writing it down to make it official? Well now in order to remind yourself of your goal, you should put your new years’ resolution somewhere where you will remember. Whether that’s writing it down in a sticky note and putting it on your mirror so you see it every morning, putting it as your wallpaper on your devices, writing it on your locker door, put it somewhere where you will see it often and remember what you planned to do at the beginning of the year, and will be prompted to make sure it happens.

That’s it for now folks! Thanks for reading and good luck with your new years resolutions!! Let me know if you use any of these tips or if you have any tips of your own to make sure your resolutions come true because I would love to hear them in the comments below! Thanks again and I will talk to y’all again tomorrow!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 

My New Years’ Resolutions 

Hey Everybody and Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a lovely New Years’ Eve and are ready for Day 12 of A New Year with A Little Bit Of Life! Today, I thought I would share with you guys’ My New Years’ Resolutions or Goals for 2016. We all seem to make goals with the good intention of wanting to see them come to life and sometimes it doesn’t always happen but today I am going to try to set some good goals, that with the right motivation, I can accomplish this year! And Maybe, my resolutions will help you inspire you or give you some ideas to make some goals of your own for the new year. So without further ado…
Resolution #1: get a job

I have been looking for a job for a bit now, ever since I turned 16 this past October and could start working, without much success. I have applied to a lot of places online, because school and homework and studying after school has made going out, and applying in person during the week and some weekends a struggle. But In 2016 it is my hope to get a solid job, SOMEWHERE, in order to make some money and get some work experience. 
Resolution #2: Get My G1 and G2 License

This is another thing I have been looking to do since I turned 16 last October but have not gotten around to this year mainly because my mom will not let me drive her car until I have a certain amount of money in my bank account to be able to pay the insurance deduction if I were to get into a accident. So as you can tell, this is sorta dependant on me getting a job. So once I complete that goal, I WILL be a G1 driver, and then 8 months later, I WILL be a G2 driver. 
Resolution #3: Do Frequent Posts on This Blog!

As you guys know, before these past 12 days of A Little Bit of Life posts, it had been AWHILE since I had posted anything at all. As much as I disliked doing that, school and other things were my priorities and left me very little time to do posts, which do take a little bit of work, although this is something that I really enjoy doing. I love having this blog, seeing your responses, and reading your comments. (they litterally make my day, I get so excited when I see you’ve commented something) So I really want to make a point this year to post more frequently and bring you guys weekly posts so we can keep this awesome thing we have going.
Those were all of my resolutions for this year!! Let me know in the comments what your new years’ resolutions are so we can keep each other accountable as we enter the New Year!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!! Only 2 Days left!!!
Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

Tips for Surviving The Cold

Hey Everybody! Welcome to Day 9 of Christmas + New Years’ with A Little Bit of Life!!!! I can hardly believe we only have 5 more days of these holiday posts and I really hope you guys’ have been enjoying all the posts this far, because I know I have enjoyed doing them for you! Today, I am writing to all the fellow canadians, or followers who live in cold climates this post is for you! I am going to be talking about some of the tips I have picked up over the years’ of how to survive those cold winters that we all dread every year because we can survive it together!!! Let’s do it!


I cannot stress this one enough. You MUST, without out a doubt, LAYER your clothing when you are going outside during the winter, especially for long periods of time. This is the best strategy to fight against the cold. Even if you get cold really easily like me, and it is at night during the winter when you feel the coldest, LAYER, LAYER, LAYER, those blankets my friends. And wear long pajama bottoms with cuffs at the bottom so they don’t ride up as you toss and turn. Mitts, hats, scarves, sweaters, heavy coats, and double socks should be your best friends.


Hot chocolate, tea, coffee whatever hot drink floats your boat I recommend keeping it on stock during the winter. Get yourself a travel mug so that you can drink it as you walk, bike, or drive to school or work. For me personally, I know this warms me up quick in the mornings when I have to walk through the cold to school. Also, hand warmers work well. Put them in your mitts, boots wherever and they will warm you up! Oh, and heated electric blankets if you can swing it. Those things are blessed. In summary, just surround your body with hot things and you will get warm. It’s physics.


Guys, there is this wonderful creation I would like to introduce you to called the weather network app. You can pretty much download it on any device, or if you don’t have a device, there is a thing called the Weather Channel on your tv. There is even a number in some areas that you can call that you will tell you the current weather condition in your region. These things will all do the same thing: which is tell you what the weather is like outside, and what is supposed to be like all day long. Every morning check this app, and if you know you are going outside that day, or even check it the day before, so you can adequately PREPARE yourself to brace the cold ahead. The more prepared you are, the better. The cold will never take you by surprise. 


This kinda ties in with being prepared but make sure, before the season begins, that you have the proper gear to make it through the winter. When winter clothing goes on sale at your local stores go get everything you need to stay warm over the winter. Naturally, the more expensive the things are, the better quality it is, but if you live in a cold climate if you can afford it, I highly recommend you spend the money on the good stuff. Because even though it may cost more, it will last you longer/more winters because it is higher quality, and because it is higher quality, it will keep you warmer over many winters. This goes mainly for things like jackets and boots. For things like mitts, hats and scarves I wouldn’t worry about it as much. But definitely make sure you have several of those things on hand as well.


Although the cold, long winters kinda suck, there is no point in sitting around being miserable about it. Try to enjoy it and the many ups and downs that it brings because no matter what you do it will keep coming, but in spite of that we can try to embrace it and enjoy the beauty it brings. With this basic tips, if you follow them, you will have nothing to fear anyway! EMBRACE THE COLD MY FRIENDS!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what some of your prime tips and tricks are for defeating the cold in the comments below because I would actually love to hear them! There is still 5 more days of posts left, so don’t forget to stay tuned for the next bit of life I have coming for you tomorrow! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this Little Bit of Life.

Spiel about My Christmas

Hey Everybody!! Today is Day 8 of Christmas/New Years’ with A Little Bit Of Life and boy has the time gone by fast! I can’t believe it’s already Day 8! Anyhow, since Christmas has just passed, and I haven’t really done a ‘life’ post yet during this past weeks’ series of posts, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys’ what I did for Christmas Day!!! And This years’ Christmas was pretty awesome, to be honest.

It started off with us all getting up at 8:30 (my bother, mom and I) to open presents with a family friend. My mum came and got me walking into my room yelling Merry Christmas and gave me a hug. Right after that we all went to the christmas tree and opened presents. (If you wanna see yesterdays’ post about what I got for Christmas, click here.) I loved all the things I received and seeing how much my mum loved the gifts we got her was pretty awesome. 

After presents we had a super nice Breakfeast with french toast doused in maple syrup and icing sugar (or course) , bacon, and homefries which was all super yummy. After cleaning up, we spent the rest of the morning chilling out, lounging around the house, not doing too much of anything.

Eventually though, I had to get ready to head over to my aunt’s for the christmas’ dinner we were having with my dad’s side of the family. We drove downtown (where my aunt lives) and I got to see my aunts, uncles and grandpa which was lots of fun. We opened up more presents there and afterwards just kind of hung out, talked, and caught up on each others’ lives since we last saw each other. Later that evening we had our delicious turkey dinner, whilst playing with the things we each got in our christmas crackers, which happened to contain magic tricks this time. After our meal, and some second helpings, we had dessert which was some ice cream and a vanilla yule log. Both were equally delicious alone, but together were so great and christmassy. Afterwards, we talked some more and did the rest of our magic tricks. (Magic might be my calling guys’!) and we soon after headed home. 

At home I spent my evening taking in the day, feeling thankful and just doing some more chilling because you can never chill too much. I went through my gifts again, watched a couple of episodes of star-crossed (which is an awesome tv show by the way) before going to bed overall. 

Overall, it was a pretty great day and I am truly thankful for all I have, received, the food on my table and just the wonderful family and friends I have to celebrate with this holiday!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys’ did for christmas or what some of your family’s xmas traditions are in the comments below! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

What I Got For Christmas Haul!!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to Day 7 of Christmas (and New Years’ now, I guess) with A Little Bit of Life! I hope y’all all had fabulous christmas’ with your family and friends and had lots of fun! My Christmas was pretty good as well and as I got some pretty cool things for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to just quickly share with you guys’, in a haul, what I got for Christmas! This isn’t meant to be braggy or boastful, I just wanted to quickly share with you all the things I received (like in any other haul) because I know I like seeing what others’ got for Christmas and I thought y’all might be interested in seeing what I got as well. So! Without further ado.. Let’s get started!!


 Starting from left to right..
2 pairs of George Pajama Bottoms (1 pink plaid as shown in picture, and 1 gray with white hearts) – they are really soft and cozy!! Plus they have cuffs at the bottom which is my favourite kind of pj’s.

Pink Eco Bottle Water Bottle

Grey and Green Faux Leather Passport Holder

McSteven’s Belgian White Chocolate Drink Mix – I love white hot chocolate and cannot wait it try this because it looks really good!

Bed Head Groupie 13″ Ceramic Straightener – my mom got this for me at Rexall (which is a canadian drug store) for like $5! I love how small it is and it’s perfect for touch ups or curling your hair with a flat iron (which I do) so I can’t wait to try this!

Hudson Bay Canada Red Mittens – every year they come out with a new pair and I love them! They keep your hands nice and warm in the winter! #GoCanadaGo

O’keefe’s Working Hands Hand Cream – this stuff is the best! It’s perfect for if you have really dry hands because it works really well! I highly reccommend it!


From left to right..

Traditional Purse from Turkey – my aunt brought this back from her trip to turkey for me and I absolutely love it! I will be taking good care of this one.
Lindt White Chocolate – lindor chocolates are the best and because white chocolate is my favourite, you know these will be really good

Nicole by O.P.I 2 Pack Double Color (Fabulous is my middle name – left one & Fisher Queen – right one)

$40 Spending Money – thank you Grandpa!

Pandora Dark Purple Leather Charm Bracelet – this was actually a belated 16th birthday gift since I was sick the day after my birthday. I like it alot!

Rice Krispies Treats Blasted with S’mores 

Purple and Grey sparkly Knitted Scarf

Aroma Click & Heat Cozy Ears Adjustable earmuffs with 2 click and heat gel packs – they’re basically hand warms for your ears that you put in really cute earmuffs. These are perfect for the cold weather we are about to get in Canada, and they are adorable!

Design your own Real Ugly Socks by Soxland – definitely going to use these next christmas!

Lindt Assorted Chocolates + plastic baggy of lindt milk chocolates – can never have enough of these!

Ellen Tracy lip gloss trio

That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed this post and all the other christmassy ones I have done the past week . Let me know in the comments what some of the things you got for christmas were because I love hearing from you guys! Stay for more posts tomorrow and the rest of this upcoming week!! Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed tis little bit of life.

A Little Bit of Life Christmas 

Hey Everyone! Long time no see! So, I realize it has been MONTHS since I have posted anything on either of my blogs and I wanted to first and foremost apologize for that. I want to let you know that I have not forgotten about all of you wonderful people and this blog that I still enjoy writing and posting in. It’s just been hard for me to to find a balance between the craziness of School (primarily Physics class), my own time, life and writing in this blog. If you want more deets about that stuff, I will refer you to a post I did awhile back explaining more in depth this reasoning for not actively posting the last while, here. But, that is not what I want to focus on in this post because I have some exciting news to tell you involving our first Christmas on A Little Bit of Life.

What is this news you say? Well I will tell you my lovely followers, as of December 19th, I am OFFICIALLY on Christmas Break for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Which means, for the next two weeks, from December 21st till Jan 3rd, I will have a post for you guys EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

 I am super excited to kick off this 2 weeks of A Little Bit Of Life Christmas, and I hope you are too!! I have a wide variety of Christmas, New Years’ and other fantastic posts planned for you over the next 14 days that I really hope you will enjoy reading over your vacations in between eating all your delicious pies and turkey. I will also have a couple posts going on over on my book blog, My Book Life, that you can check out over the week as well. 

Well that is it for now my friends!!! I hope you are excited for these next two weeks and if there is anything specific you might want to see from me in a post one of the days this week, any suggestions, requests, leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to make it happen! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! 🎁🎉🎊🎄❄️🌨☃

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.